Individual Software Development

Individual Software Development

We create Software

We develop software exactly for your specific requirements. With state-of-the-art technology. No useless functions, no wasted resources and no complicated forms distract you or your employees from the most important things.

Thanks to a modern LLVM compiler, our Cross-Platform software runs natively on Windows, Apple and Linux systems. If you wish, also on the Internet as an stand-alone web server behind a reverse proxy. And we take pride in not requiring any runtime libraries, middleware or third party components.

Software Development
Project Management
Windows, Apple & Linux
Native 64-Bit EXE
No Frameworks
Stand-Alone WebApps
Multi-Language Support
Database programming
Any license models


What it means when software is designed for several operating system platforms right from the scratch is shown by this software solution for a medium-sized company from the German Sauerland region. It was developed "in a single piece" within a few weeks and runs on Windows, macOS and Linux natively. And because we thought that this solution might also be of interest to others, we made a product out of it:

Unique Range of Possibilities

Our Minicalc software for a medium-sized company from the German Siegerland region shows how a complete industry solution can emerge from a successful project.

At the same time, Minicalc clearly proves our approach towards sustainability and customer-support. Since 2009, this software has been maintained and continuously adapted to changing requirements.

As you can see, we offer a unique range of possibilities. From a small tool to a fully-fledged industry solution.

Before you think "that's unaffordable" - no it's not. Let us sit together in time.

Take advantage of our decade-long expertise.

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Eiserfelder Strasse 316
57080 Siegen

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