Your digital Declaration of Independence

Your digital Declaration of Independence

IT Services at a glance

Any IT system house that has the portfolio of a distributor or wholesaler in its product range will only recommend this to you as the customer. We operate beyond sales structures and intentionally do it without instruments such as dealer discounts, scores or sales provision.

Our aim is to provide the best solution for your project. A solution that has a long-term effect and integrates seamlessly into your company.

At the same time we think that open standards and free software are crucial for your digital independence. Open source solutions are preferred. For you this means independence from any software or hardware vendor.

Risk Assessments
IT Migrations
Network Analysis
Network Segmentation
Open-Source Firewalls
Private-Cloud Solutions

Example: Linux on Server & Desktop

Celebrating with enthusiasm is the claim of The Remise at the Wasserburg in beautiful Hainchen near Netphen. The IT works without restrictions or cost traps. We are proud to have made our small contribution - find out how.

We accompany Digitization

An unwritten law in IT: Whoever introduces standard solutions or technologies must adapt his company, and not the other way around.

Often the exact opposite is practised in small and medium-sized businesses. Software or technology "off the shelf" is heavily modified, until it fits somehow.

The awakening comes when you upgrade your version, reach the next phase of growth or when a responsible employee leaves your company.

Digitization does not mean the deployment of a specific software solution or equipping all employees with smartphones or tablets.

Any small or medium-sized company that wants to tackle the crucial issue of digitization not only needs the right tools and expertise but also the strategy.

Let us join you in your war-room for digitalization.

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