Data Protection is Human Protection

Data Protection is Human Protection

Responsibility to The People

Numerous schools in Siegen-Wittgenstein are being provided with midday meals. Sick children in the Children's Hospital of the German Red Cross in Siegen receive several times a day fresh and individually prepared meals from our customer, whose network we have been maintaining for over 10 and more years. A failure in IT and Meals cannot be prepared any more. If we don't do our job right, children will hunger. Just one of many examples. We would be pleased to show you further use cases and references.

All data under control?

Or long gone to social media apps, telemetry services or Dropbox, Amazon, Google, Apple or Microsoft Clouds? Do you know who accessed your files and when? Data protection will inevitably lead to questions about data sovereignty. We give you this sovereignty back.

Data Protection by Default and Design

Our servers and websites get top ratings in the Mozilla Observatory and SSL Labs Test. All access to our management tools is secured by 2-factor authentication. Individually configured Linux firewalls protect not only our networks but also those of our customers.

In software development, we implement mechanisms for protection and integrity checks right from the beginning. You will not find any hard-coded passwords or plain text passwords in our system, nor will you find any datasets without checksums. This is data protection "by default and design".

It is very important to us to lead by example.


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